Pierre Filliez


Born in 1978 in the heart of the Swiss Alps, I grew up in the small village of Versegères in a family of craftsmen, hunters and mountain rangers. Inspiration for my work comes from the wild nature and beauty of the mountains, the many animals, little villages, people around me and my voyages afar. Today I live in Berlin with my wife Jessica and my daughter Rose. I work as a self-employed Visual Artist, Puppeteer and Actor. Since I was a child I have always painted, drawn, created stories or songs and experimented with art. Using art as an escape from reality I taught myself many techniques, through trial and error. Imagining and creating worlds outside of my own experience allowed me to travel elsewhere, to express my emotions and to dream of something different. Spending time with other artists has also challenged and inspired my artistic journey. And my time at the International Theatre School of Jaques Lecoq, Paris, completing a diploma in physical theatre, gave me the opportunity to research form, shape and expression through theatre and design. Award: Commune de Bagnes (VS Switzerland) - Mérite spécial 2016

Shake Shake Theatre

“Creating and sharing unique artistic work, made by hand and from the heart”.

Shake Shake Theatre

“Shake Shake Theatre lifts its audience into its heart and holds them there.” ***** The List, Edinburgh Fringe 2016
A collaboration between Jessica Nicholls and Pierre Filliez. Shake Shake Theatre produce theatrical shows, with a focus on puppetry and masked theatre and share these skills through workshops for adults and children. www.shakeshaketheatre.com

Jessica Nicholls

Artistic partner, co-creator of Shake Shake Theatre – and my fantastic wife.
Jessica Nicholls is Australian, with a BA in Theatre/Media from Charles Sturt University. In Italy she studied Commedia dell’ Arte and mask making with Antonio Fava. She has toured puppet shows around Australia, UK and Ireland. She created Chookas Theatre and has collaborated with Drehbühne Berlin.