Theatre masks – Puppets – Paintings


This website displays my handmade works, such as theatre masks (larval, expressionist, commedia dell’arte), puppets and oil paintings. Concerning my shows or workshops, please visit the website of Shake Shake Theatre.

Pierre Filliez

Theatre masks, larval, commedia, and puppets making. Oil paintings, art, shows and workshops. Handmade by Pierre Filliez.

I am an actor, puppeteer and artist. I completed a diploma in physical theatre at the International Theatre School of Jacques Lecoq in Paris. Now, I develop and perform various theatre and puppet shows, teach masked theatre and puppetry to adults and kids and produce internationally commissioned art works. Born in Switzerland, I am currently established in Berlin, and also collaborate with my wife Jessica Nicholls in our duo Shake Shake Theatre.



To order any masks, puppets or paintings, or simply to get in touch please feel free to contact me.